Haiti Outreach Trip
Global Outreach

Sep 29 - Oct 6, 2017 All Day Haiti 2000

This trip is part of an ongoing partnership with Living Water International since 2005. We are excited to bring you the opportunity to attend in 2017!

There will be up to 12 adults (18 or over, 14 accompanied by a parent). The team will include up to 8 Drillers (implementing drilling of a water well) and 4 Health and Hygiene facilitators (teaching lessons in schools and in communities reinforcing actions that can improve health in the community).

We will participate in the construction of a well, teaching health and hygiene, and sharing the gospel.

Applying for the trip can be done in 3 STEPS outlined below. Application fee of $200

STEP 1: Medical & Travel Release Forms
Download, print and fill out the Medical & Travel Release forms necessary for emergency medical attention and crossing the border below. Please bring these forms with you to your interview. Interviews will be scheduled by team leads once applications are in.
Medical & Travel Release Forms 

STEP 2: Application
The following link will take you through the entire application form, and then directly to the payment page (Step 3).
Application Link

STEP 3: Payment
Step 2 should directly send you through to step 3, If you get logged out while creating an event ID, return to this page & follow this link to the payment page.
Payment Link

Trip Specific Questions?
Email team leader Ed Kriz at ed_kriz@comcast.net